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Last month: Stamps Surfboards


If you live in Orange County the name Stamps already means something to you. You know lots of local surfers are riding Surfboards by Stamps. It seems like every time I paddle out in HB I see a couple guys riding his boards… then I smile. For Solspot fans outside OC you may have seen Stamps Surfboards on the pro tour. Both Brett Simpson and Courtney Conlogue are competing on his boards. Our very own Solspot Crew Member Ryan Salazar rides Boards by Stamps

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RW Surfboards


RW Custom Surfboards has been bringing you the best surfboards since 1963, now specializing in EPS technologies, providing the strongest and lightest surfboards on the market. With all of the new high performance models weighing in under 5 pounds, the possibilities are endless.

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Chuck Dent Surfboards


Chuck Dent Surfboards is the quintessential surf shop. You walk in to shitty lighting, the smell of resin and rubber, conversations about a recent session (out front) and then you are smacked in the face with a boatload of surfboards. You could call it board heaven, they’ll tell you it’s just part of The Experience. For those who recognize the name but don’t know the history get ready.

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Terry Senate Surfboards


Nestled in a quiet street in San Clemente Terry’s shop is a throw back. You need a leash, wax, ding repaired, or custom board – he’s gotcha covered. If you want the latest pair of skinny jeans and a neon tank top – you’ve come to the wrong place.

It’s a real pleasure to feature Terry and his shop. We’re stoked he continues to put out fantastic boards. If you’ve never met him, stop by and get some education from the University of San Clemente, you’ll be stoked you did.


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17th Street Surf Shop


17th Street Board Shop located on…17th Street in HB is run by none other than "The Mayor of HB" Bud Llamas. Yes the same Bud that started surfing when he was 8 years old. 10 years later he went pro and was on the ASP Tour. Bud stayed on tour for 7 years and did well but never broke through to the world tour. Which is fine by Bud because it allowed him to grow even deeper roots in our local community…hence the nickname The Mayor.


The shop is a throw back. They’ve got surf gear, surf boards, and also skate gear and skate decks, trucks, etc. Enter the shop and you hear some groovy tunes, there's a surf video or contest on the TV and Bud is chilling behind the counter ready to chat it up. There's no pressure to buy anything. Some guys use the shop as a second home, hanging out for hours on end just feeling the vibe. One warning, switch topics of surf/skate to politics or taxes and your ass will be on the street.



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